Data and privacy

Personal privacy and security are our highest priority

We guarantee complete anonymity for employees and strictly follow GDPR rules and other relevant legislation. We are dedicated to protecting and respecting the privacy of everyone who uses our service.

We guarantee anonymity

Anonymity is crucial for us, and you can always trust that your employer will not have access to individual responses to the survey. We protect your privacy and strive to create a safe and confidential environment for all employees.

Only team managers and HR have access to the team results, and each team must consist of at least five employees to ensure anonymity and privacy at the individual level.

GDPR and other legislation are a central part of our business

All data is processed and stored strictly following GDPR. Data is not stored in Sweden by default, but we can adapt as needed and enable storage in Sweden on request. We work to ensure the highest level of privacy and compliance with data protection standards for our customers.

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