We empower HR

Together, we can make a real difference

Stress and burnout is the biggest mental health problem in the workplace. Let’s tackle it together.

Improve employee safety

Ensure employee happiness and job satisfaction (as employee safety on stress and burnout is the base).

Elevate company culture

Build a culture that promotes employee well-being, as you measure stress and risk of burnout and act on it.

Boost employer branding

Improve employee retention and hire talents easily as you position yourself as a front-runner for employee well-being.


Save potential sick leave cost of ~350 000 SEK per every employee saved from burnout.

We empower HR to use cutting-edge science and access the latest know-how

We differ from other HR tools

Eliminating harmful stress and burnout in companies is our specialisation. We do one thing and do it exceptionally well.

Make a real difference in your company

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