Make a real difference in your company

Eliminate negative stress and burnout

We measure your employees’ stress and burnout risk levels over time by applying cutting-edge science in a simple survey. We educate and guide your employees through best-in-class lectures.

Harmful stress and burnout are fast-growing problems in companies

Stress and burnout can severely impact the company culture, business performance and employee job satisfaction.

In Sweden, stress-related problems are the primary mental health reason why employees are forced to go on sick leave. There is a lack of knowledge and perspective on harmful stress and burnout in companies. Many leaders, HR, and employees need help figuring out what to do.

The incomplete perspective

Why employees feel very stressed has often been explained by the fact that they are not good at managing their mental health and that people need to become more resilient to stress and burnout. It makes it seem that an employee self-improvement app is the best way to eliminate harmful stress in the company.

However, providing opportunities for employees to improve their stress management techniques should be seen as a complementary rather than a critical initiative.

The scientific perspective

According to Sweden’s most forward-leaning research institutions¹, working with stress-related problems at a strategic management level is critical if you want results.

World Health Organization (WHO) defines burnout (2019) as a result of chronic workplace stress that the employer has not successfully managed. Chronic workplace stress comes from various factors, for example, a toxic work environment, unclear expectations, too much workload, and too many working hours.

These types of things need to be tackled and improved by the employer and prioritised on a strategic management level.

1) IPM – Institutet för psykosocial medicin, Avdelningen för stressforskning vid Karolinska institutet (också del av WHO:s psykosociala samarbetscentrum), Nationellt centrum för suicidforskning och prevention av psykisk ohälsa vid Stockholms läns landsting.

Option 1: Lectures

Education and awareness make a difference

Increasing knowledge and awareness among your team managers and employees is critical to decrease and prevent harmful stress and burnout.

We provide lectures for both team managers and a broader audience in companies.

Option 2: Measurement solution

Backed by science. Delivered with technology​

We help you measure your employees’ stress and burnout risk levels over time. We can ensure warning signals are picked up early by using our scientific screening survey.

We provide data and analysis to HR and team managers to understand your current situation and how it has developed.

Based on the results, your team managers are given clear actions.

We tailor a solution specifically to meet your
company’s needs

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